How do weighted blankets help my sleep?

Weighted blankets are used to provide deep pressure input, which provides a calming effect and reduces anxiety. Read about the research on weighted blankets here.

How should I choose my Serenity Blanket?

Preferences for blanket weight varies from person to person. While a simple rule is to get a blanket that is at least 10% of your body weight, we have also found that many customers expected their blankets to be heavier once they were sleeping under it. We therefore have the following recommendations.

 Body weight Blanket weight (single size)
<50 kg 5.4 kg or 6.8 kg
50-70 kg 6.8 kg or 7.7 kg
70+ kg 7.7 kg or 9 kg

It is also important to note that a blanket’s size also affects how heavy it feels. A 10kg single-sized blanket would feel 38% heavier than a 10kg queen-sized blanket because the queen-sized blanket is larger! As a result, having a weighted blanket that applies too little pressure may not allow you to fully feel the effects from using one.

How hot does it get under a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are generally cooler than conventional duvets filled with down, polyester or cotton. This is due to the fact that their glass bead fillings do not trap much air, and hence they do not trap heat as easily.

How do I put duvet covers on/off my Serenity Blanket?

Our Cooling Duvet Covers come with a zipper opening and ties on the inside for you tie to the corners and sides of your blanket.

You should first flip the duvet cover inside-out, tie the cover to the blanket at the corners and edges except for the side with the opening, then flip the blanket into the cover and tie the remaining ties.

It should take a person no longer than 5 minutes to put on or take off the cover on a single-sized blanket.

What if I don’t feel comfortable under my blanket?

Most people should be able to use their blankets right away without any discomfort, but if you have just begun to use one, here are some tips to help ease you into the experience:

  • If you share a bed with someone else, it may be difficult to share weighted blankets since you may prefer different blanket pressures. Each person may want to use separate single-sized weighted blankets.
  • If you find the blanket too heavy or restrictive, try covering only your lower body and move the blanket up over time.

How should I take care of my Serenity Blanket?

Caring for your covers

Your blanket covers are made from premium bamboo rayon. Here are 6 pointers for maintenance:

  • Aim to wash covers every 7 - 10 days
  • Machine or hand wash in cold water, at most 30°C
  • Wash with the zippers facing inwards to avoid damage
  • Avoid usage of bleach
  • Avoid fabric softeners -the bamboo fabric is already soft and would stay soft even after washing
  • Hang them out to dry instead of using a dryer - the high temperatures would cause them to shrink!

Caring for your Serenity Blanket

  • Serenity blankets are encased in bamboo rayon, just like the duvet covers. Where applicable, the same recommendations applies from the section above.
  • If you use a duvet cover, you should not have to wash your weighted blanket more than once a year. It is recommended that you use a duvet cover to avoid having to wash your blanket often. This prevents potential damage to the blanket or your washing machine.
  • Serenity blankets are machine-washable, although we recommend avoiding doing so unless you are certain that your washing machine can take the weight of your blanket. Alternatively, bring the blanket to a professional washing service.
  • If you need to clean a specific stain, consider hand washing the blanket at the specific area using a mild detergent.

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