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Weighted blankets designed in Singapore for calming comfort

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Our blanket

Premium materials

Hypoallergenic glass beads and eco-bamboo fabric. Looks great, feels better.

Stay cool and comfortable

Thinner layers without conventional stuffing make the Serenity Blanket cooler than conventional duvets.

Our duvet covers

Exceptional fabric, comfortable even in hot climates

Silk-like bamboo fabric helps to keep you cool while providing supreme comfort.

Better for the environment

Our eco bamboo requires less fertilizer, pesticides, heavy harvesting machinery or irrigation, and can be grown on land unsuitable for forestry.


How do weighted blankets help?

Weighted blankets provide deep pressure input for users, which help to reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

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How heavy should my Serenity Blanket be?

Preferences vary from person to person. Find out what weight is suitable for you here!

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How should I use and maintain my Serenity Blanket?

We recommend using a Cooling Duvet Cover with your blanket for maximum comfort and ease of maintenance.

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Serenity Living was founded by people passionate about leading healthy, fulfilling lives.

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